Renewable Energy Consulting

Liszt Residence: Rossland, BC

Omineca Solar Designs team of professional engineers and tradesmen are available to provide general consulting to building owners, developers, architects, contractors, municipalities and governments. Our team can help guide you through the maze of options and paths of sustainable building, to arrive at an end product that is economical and efficient solution worth reading.

We help guide our clients towards sustainability by providing educational information and by leading through an integrated design process to arrive at the most practical, sustainable result.

By taking advantage our services, your project will be healthy, comfortable, sustainable that costs less to operate, and will contribute to a sustainable future for all.


Omineca Solar Why choose Omineca?

It makes good economic sense to build sustainably. In the short term, energy efficient upgrades can provide significant operation cost savings. In the long term, as energy costs continue to escalate, building anything other than sustainably will not be economically feasible. Houses utilizing sustainable design and construction strategies will become increasingly more desirable and valuable than conventionally built structures.

By taking advandage our service, your Sustainable Building can help to create a healthy, comfortable, inspiring home that costs less to operate, and contribute a to sustainable future for all.