Micro Hydro

Micro hydroelectric systems generate electricity from small water powered alternators. Even at the smallest of scales, water continues to be the most reliable and cost effective way to generate electrical power with renewable technology earhart essay. Micro hydro is continous power, unlike the sun and wind which goes down at night or blows at some times and not at others. Micro hydro can deliver the best bang for your buck when it comes to renewable energy. Significant power can be generated with flows of 2 gallons per minute, or from a drop as small as two feet, and power can be delivered, in a cost effective fashion, a mile or two from where it is generated.

Every site is unique, where assessing your ENERGY REQUIREMENTS and YOUR SITE are is critical to determine if and what is right for you. How much power do you need? Do you need power in the winter? What is your stream flow? What is the available pressure?

These are all very important questions that our professionals at Omineca Solar will determine and assess to determine the most cost effective solution that works for you.