Solar Site Analysis

We will meet with you to discuss your electric bills and estimated future electric usage. Our Design Consultant will examine your property to assess roof pitch and available sun exposure, as well as provide information about your rebates, incentives, and financing options.

Omineca Solar Designs will provide you with a personalized proposal that factors in your budget and financing requirements, the property’s sun exposure and orientation, and your last 12 months kWh use. The proposal will also include your home solar systems estimated return on investment (ROI), allowing you to make an informed decision not only about whether or not solar is right for you, but also on the size of system that makes the most sense for your property.

Omineca Solar Why choose Omineca?

It makes good economic sense to build sustainably. In the short term, energy efficient upgrades can provide significant operation cost savings. In the long term, as energy costs continue to escalate, building anything other than sustainably will not be economically feasible. Houses utilizing sustainable design and construction strategies will become increasingly more desirable and valuable than conventionally built structures.

By taking advandage our service, your Sustainable Building can help to create a healthy, comfortable, inspiring home that costs less to operate, and contribute a to sustainable future for all.