Wind Power

A wind turbine can be used to supplement or replace your consumption of conventional energy. Wind can be used for generating energy at remote sites, producing energy in parallel with the electric utility, heating and pumping water.

As a rule, anyone more than 1 km from an existing utility service will find it cheaper to install a independent power system than to bring in utility service. Wind and Solar can be used together to create a hybrid system where each technology can capitalise on each others asset. Strong winds in the winter are balanced by long sunny days in the summer, thus allowing Omineca’s Solar to provide you with a highly efficient, economical, integrated system that works.

“Hi, I want a windmill.”

“How Much wind do you have on your site?”

“Oh, we’ve got lots of wind. It’s always windy here.”

More than once, new owners of wind systems have learned the expensive lesson. Wind generators with little wind is like a dam with little water, they don’t work, or at least not very well. There is wind everywhere, but not everywhere has enough.

How do you know weather the wind over your site is sufficient? Allow Omineca Solar’s professionals to conduct a survey of your site. This is a critical step in the design of a wind power system. Real site data is extremely important in the design process. Time spend here, will pay off when your wind system really works, avoiding an expensive lesson.

An initial site visit can allow us to evaluate your site based on historic wind data, and your site’s environmental conditions. The next step is to collect real site data. We will setup monitoring equipment on your site based on our initial site visit to collect real data from your site. How long is enough? That’s another tough question. Average wind speeds can vary by as much as 25% from year to year, but it is obviously impractical to gather 10 years of data, to decide whether to install a wind turbine or not. We recommend gathering ONE year of data.


Omineca Solar Why choose Omineca?

It makes good economic sense to build sustainably. In the short term, energy efficient upgrades can provide significant operation cost savings. In the long term, as energy costs continue to escalate, building anything other than sustainably will not be economically feasible. Houses utilizing sustainable design and construction strategies will become increasingly more desirable and valuable than conventionally built structures.

By taking advandage our service, your Sustainable Building can help to create a healthy, comfortable, inspiring home that costs less to operate, and contribute a to sustainable future for all.